The English word ELATE is a synonym to pride, enthusiasm and optimism – notions which not only characterize us, but our country as a whole. We combine them all with the Greek word ΕΛΑΤΕ which means ‘Come’, inviting Greeks and non-Greeks to get acquainted and experience from close or afar all those elements that make us proud, enthusiastic and optimistic!

Voices of Greece

We meet and talk as friends. We come closer to others and see what they have to say. What are the Greeks up to today?

Clio Muse

Photo Gallery

As many words as a photo may entail, the experience of actually visiting Greece is indescribable, just authentic. Photographic material from our explorations in the most beautiful country in the world!

Myths & Legends

Who was Hercules? What was the labyrinth and why was it made? Why was it considered such a great honour to participate in the Marathon run? Known and unknown stories, myths and legends of Greek civilisation.

From the Marathon Battle to the Marathon Race

Every year over 500 Marathon races take place all around the world with the participation of thousands of athletes. What is the story, though, behind this great race? Why is the Athenian one called “authentic” or “classic”? What happened…

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